Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero will release in October, dataminer teases

“This further confirms rumours the release was 2024, but now we have a better clue as for the month and day!”

Image credit: Bandai Namco

A dataminer thinks they’ve stumbled upon the release date for Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero.

Poking around in publisher Bandai Namco’s website, SergioM3R claims they found evidence that the next Dragon Ball game will drop on 1st October, 2024.

EXACT Release Date | Dragon Ball Z Sparking Zero (Datamine)

EXACT Release Date | Dragon Ball Z Sparking Zero (Datamine)Watch on YouTube
As detailed in the video above, SergioM3R has “found a place containing the release dates for a lot of Bandai Namco games”, and the list seems to include the release dates of both confirmed and unconfirmed titles not via a third party, but via “Bandai Namco’s own official data”.

Image credit: SergioM3R

While the dataminer acknowledges that nothing’s set in stone until we hear directly from Bandai itself, as the list includes confirmed release dates as well as speculative ones – of which all bar one are correct – it’s plausible these, too, are real. Watch this space, I guess – maybe we’ll find out more next month?

Redditors on the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit add further credence to the claims, reminding us that “1 was 10/06, 2 was 10/05, and 3 was 10/04, 4 on 10/03 would continue the pattern”. It also backs up other recent leaks that hinted that the game was set to release in 2024 and not 2025, as some fans feared.

Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero secured an ESRB rating back in March, shortly after manga legend Akira Toriyama died aged 68. Toriyama was best known for his work as the creator of the Dragon Ball manga, which was then adapted into numerous anime series, films, and video games. He also worked on multiple video games and was responsible for the character designs in Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger and Blue Dragon.

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