‘Don’t be a cheapo like me’: Man goes to Upper Changi salon for $5 trim, ends up paying more for ‘re-cut’, Singapore News

PUBLISHED ON November 26, 2023 6:45 AM By Ching Shi Jie

Before taking up the $5 haircut offer, he knew that the new salon on Upper Changi Road would not provide the quality of a ‘great stylist.’

However, Chan, 40, ended up paying more for a ‘re-cut’ after his mother was shocked by how bad it was. 

Speaking to AsiaOne on Sunday (Nov 26), the taxi driver, who declined to share his full name, said he was drawn into Tinge Salon by a staff member outside who told him about the amazing deal.

“For a major haircut, I would go to my usual place, which charges $14,” Chan said. “But I just wanted my hair trimmed.”

After entering the salon, Chan’s hairstylist pulled a monitor screen by his seat, which was used to magnify every detail of his scalp.

The customer claimed that he was persuaded to fork out $48 for ‘membership,’ which entitled him to a discounted $3 haircut and treatment.

Chan politely declined this ‘deal’ and told the hairstylist to trim the sides.

“I thought the 10-minute haircut was fine as I couldn’t see the back of my head,” he said. “It was when I reached home, and my mum was shocked at how bad it was.”

In a TikTok video, Chan complained about uneven slope lines and patches of hair.

He also alleged that the salon kept upselling their expensive hair treatment during the haircut.

Cheap haircut equals bad results? 

Unsatisfied with the haircut, Chan told AsiaOne that he went back to the salon the next day.

He asked one of the hairstylists to ‘review’ his hair, but the latter allegedly said that ‘it was good.’

“The guy who cut my hair noticed me speaking to his colleague and told me that he was willing to re-cut for me,” Chan said, adding that the hairstylist offered the re-cut for free. “I rejected it as I was afraid he would ruin my hair further. Both of them were giggling when I walked off.” 

Chan said that he paid $10 for another salon to rectify his hairdo.

But he was left reeling from his bitter experience at Tinge Salon.

“I felt that the hairstylist doesn’t care about the business,” Chan said. “I think it’s better to go to a hair salon that has been in operation for years. Don’t be a cheapo like me and pay for a better haircut.”

Chan’s TikTok video has garnered over 25,000 views.

In the comments, one netizen said he had a similar experience with unsatisfactory haircuts. Others said that Chan shouldn’t expect too much for a $5 ‘cheap’ haircut.

“Cheap haircut equals bad results,” one of them said. “You pay for what you asked for.”

Chan told AsiaOne that all he wanted was minor trimming on the side of his head.

“As a matter of fact, I wasn’t expecting any great stylist cut,” he said.

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