Donald Trump ‘sick man’, ‘little baby’

Former US President Donald Trump. — AFP/File American comedian and writer Larry David has called Donald Trump a “sick man” and a “little baby”, Mirror reported.

In an explosive interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, David said Trump “knows he lost” the 2020 presidential election.

The 76-year-old slammed Trump, who is facing a slew of charges as he gears up for 2024 presidential elections, of throwing “250 years of democracy out the window”.

Explaining why he believes Trump was doing that, David said he was damaging democracy by not accepting the 2020 elections.

Ever since he was beaten and Joe Biden became the president, the Truth Social owner has maintained that the elections were “stolen”.

During the interview, he also called Trump as “insane” and a “sociopath”.

“I mean, you can’t go a day without thinking about what he’s done to this country,”

“Because he’s such a little baby that he’s thrown 250 years of democracy out the window by not accepting the results of an election. I mean, it’s so crazy! He’s such a sociopath! He’s so insane! He just couldn’t admit to losing.”

“And we know he lost […] He knows he lost. And look how he’s fooled everybody. He’s convinced all these people that he didn’t lose. It’s… He’s such a sick man! He’s so sick!”

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