Genshin Impact hits $5bn faster than any other mobile title

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The MiHoYo RPG hits the sales figure in under four years after launching

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Genshin Impact has reached $5 billion in consumer spending quicker than any previous mobile game, according to a new report.

The MiHoYo RPG hit the revenue figure 40 months after its September 2020 launch.

By comparison, Clash of Clans reached $5 billion in consumer spending 51 months after its release.

The data tracked in-game spending via Apple’s App Store and Google Play but did not include spending from third-party Android marketplaces.

When breaking down Genshin Impact’s consumer spending by country, China is number one as it accounts for roughly 30% of total revenue at $1.5 billion.

Second was Japan, at $1.06 billion, making up 21% of the game’s total. Coming third for Genshin Impact spending was the US, with $903 million, 18% of the game’s consumer spending.

Additionally, said there have only been 13 mobile titles that have crossed the revenue milestone of $5 billion through the App Store and Google Play.

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