CHARLIE KIRK: The border chaos is ‘a reminder that you’re losing your country every single day’

Charlie Kirk tore apart the situation at the US-Mexico border on his show Thursday, calling out Democrats for their intentions behind welcoming illegal immigrants in and effectively destroying the country.

Kirk said that it’s “very important to remember Biden does not want the border fixed. He just wants the press to stop covering it.”

He highlighted how historically, Democrats have lacked a substantial portion of the “white” vote which has led them to try to demonize whiteness and import non-white voters to the US.

“They think they can dilute white America’s influence,” he said, “by doing this along with relaxing voting laws and diverting from safe and fair elections.

As a perfect example of this, a federal judge Thursday blocked a Texas bill that would make illegal border crossing an arrestable offense.

“So in other words,” Kirk explained, “states have the right to enact sanctuaries for illegals ignoring federal immigration law. But states don’t have the right to enforce immigration law when the federal government ignores them.”

“Texas cannot lay hands on them” despite the fact that the US has seen countless instances recently of violence towards its citizens from these illegal aliens such as the horrific murder of Laken Riley.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott now has to decide if he is going to honor this decision from the judge, just as he had to make a decision when he was told by the Biden administration to remove razor wire protecting his state’s border. He defied this order and “Joe Biden kind of just backed off,” Kirk said.

“Do you know that the feeling that this border crisis creates more than anything else?” he asked. “Mass demoralization,” he said, adding that “demoralization is the goal.”

“You feel so helpless. Texas can’t do anything, Arizona won’t do anything, New Mexico won’t do anything, California won’t do anything. Joe Biden and the federal government [are] allowing them to come in, [are] co-sponsoring their entrance into the country. They’re being flown into the interior,” Kirk said.

The border, he said, “is a reminder [that] you’re losing your country every single day.”

The immigrants crossing are not women looking for better lives for their children, he reminded viewers. “These are fighting-age males” from not just Mexico or South America, but also China.

“Do we now have a sleeper cell insurgency network in the homeland of the country on the interior of the country?” he said. “It certainly feels that way.”

“Donald Trump could fix this in three hours,” Kirk continued, adding that under Trump, “it was the most secure border we’ve had.”

“The Democrat party does not care about the welfare of native-born Americans,” he concluded. “It is treason. The Democrat Party does hate the country. They actively have bitterness and contempt for the greatest nation ever to exist in the history of the world and the border is a perfect example of it.”


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