Before FF7 Rebirth arrives, Sephiroth would like to offer you some Donbei Udon

Not sold on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and/or on the dark magics that make instant noodles work yet? Then good luck with that going forward, as Nissin just released an ad where a Catboy Sephiroth uses his ever-sexy voice to bully Cloud into slurping down on some Donbei Udon noodles — and he complies.

We couldn’t fully grasp the greatness contained in the ad because it was only out in Japanese up until now, but we can now thank Twitter user Aitaikimochi for deciphering this masterwork for English-speaking audiences.

Sephiroth: Shall I give you…donbei udon?

I can’t believe they actually reanimated these #FF7R scenes and had Sephiroth’s voice actor do a commercial for Donbei Udon.

Here’s the English subs by me lmao 🦊🦊🦊

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochi) February 28, 2024
Those short seconds feature better drama, tension, and overall direction than many of the cutscenes from Final Fantasy VII Remake. This is one of the best ads ever made.

A Twitter user goes even further, basically saying that we just witnessed history being made, as we saw furry Sephiroth calling Cloud a good boy after getting him to surrender to the taste of Nissin noodles. 


— Doodle/DLuffy (@Vacer23) February 28, 2024
How can you not immediately forgive whatever death Sephiroth may cause after that?

Image by Aitaikimochi If you’re a true Final Fantasy fan, then you’re surely aware that this is not the series’ first collab with Nissin. Who can forget not just all the beautiful product placement within the game itself, but especially the hilarious Nissin Cup Noodle ads featured in Final Fantasy XV’s promo campaign? 

Some might have been led to believe that the two companies’ sacred ad bond might have been dispelled some time ago. We didn’t see FF XVI’s characters surrendering to these tender delicacies in any of the game’s ads, and that was troubling.

I’m happy to see that this bond is seemingly stronger than ever — and I mean that with all my capitalism-obliterated heart. I tend to loathe product placement and brand crossovers as much as you hopefully do. These things tend to cheapen the product and taint the art, but these are so much fun that I can’t help but see them as an art form, in and of themselves.

You can play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PlayStation 5 tomorrow, February 29th, and you can hopefully get a bunch of Nissin noodles for a cheaper price right now.

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