Barron Trump has no ordinary school life: Thanks to Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not letting son Barron Trump have regular school life. — AFP/File Donald Trump’s US election campaign brought about an irreversible change in Barron Trump’s life.

For him, nothing will ever be the same again, not even routine things like going to school and hanging out with friends, according to Nicki Swift.

Barron is still a mystery, appearing in pictures only sometimes, but Melania Trump has done a great job of keeping him out of the spotlight.

Melania and Barron lived their lives as normal as possible, so they didn’t move into the White House right away. Rather, they remained in New York to allow Barron to complete his academic year.

As most teenagers find it embarrassing to be seen with their parents, one can only image how uncomfortable Barron must have felt being driven to and from school by his mother and bodyguards.

But being followed about by a security detail isn’t the only thing that makes the former first son’s school experience so unique.

Barron will never be your ordinary student since he is the son of Donald Trump.

After Donald Trump was elected president, Melania gave her son some wise advice. Melania told Us Weekly in January 2017 that she advises him to “take it day by day, enjoy your life, live your meaningful life as I like to do.”

“Everything is a fresh start, complete with new school and pals. You never know what might occur. Take it day by day, go about your life, and try not to worry about anything,” she said.

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