AUSTIN PETERSEN: Stop ‘Longhousing’ Harrison Butker—no matter what the former cheerleader says

The left’s outrage parade against Harrison Butker for defending traditional values has continued into week two. Former KC Chiefs cheerleader Stefanie Hillhouse’s tirade (according to the New York Post) against Butker exemplifies just how the left has truly lost their minds due to gender ideology. You don’t have to be Catholic, Christian, or religious at all to recognize the pathology of a mindset that would be repelled at the idea that women might actually be wired to want to be wives and mothers. Both men and women are happier if they are married, and that’s an irrefutable fact.

Hillhouse’s much-feted criticism of Butker for his support of traditional family values stems from a deeper issue: an overall sense of powerlessness. The former Chiefs cheerleader leading the charge is lashing out obviously because she feels a loss of relevance and influence. Once a part of the NFL’s glamorous world, she’s no longer in the spotlight. Her physical appearance, once enough to earn a spot on the squad, has faded with time. The validation and attention that came with her role has dried up. She’s left with attempting to roleplay her leftist feminist girlboss fantasy of being some kind of HR director for an institution who used her for her best years and dropped her once she had no value to them anymore. She is the poster child of what the modern Democratic Party has become, as Scott Adams once described, “the party of women and the men who are afraid of them.”

Her criticism is not about Butker’s comments. It’s a revenge fantasy, a plea for attention, and a way to reclaim a sense of importance. Hillhouse dreams of those in power acting on her behalf, to humble the man currently basking in the limelight, proving to herself that she still matters.  In reality, her power is limited to creating annoyance. Making TikTok videos won’t bring back her youth or former relevance. The Babylon Bee’s headline was spot on “Feminists warn young girls against marrying rich, muscular football stars who love them and take care of all their needs and praise them in speeches.” Brilliant.

The NFL has consistently backed up violent domestic abusers in their ranks and it isn’t likely to severely punish Butker. High-value players get leniency; rules are often weaponized to control players but not at the expense of profit. Butker’s star continues to rise and his jersey is now the number one seller in the league, and is a high seller among women. Hillhouse didn’t even manage to parlay her time with the Chiefs into a media gig. Instead, she crash landed at an insurance company where she can girlboss her way into the sunset as Butker’s fame and career hangs over her forever.

The broader issue at stake is a culture where the rules are used to intimidate, not to enforce moral or ethical standards. Butker’s situation reflects a strategy to create fear and compliance among the workforce at large. The former cheerleader’s attempt to keep Butker “in his lane” is a microcosm of this larger trend to silence those who engage in wrongthink. What could be more in his lane than a Catholic giving a Catholic speech to a Catholic college? The point isn’t to stay in your lane, it’s to shut up and never question the gynocracy. It’s to submit to the longhouse. The Longhouse symbolizes the dominance of feminine social norms, enforced by the rise of women in professional-managerial roles and the influence of HR bureaucracies, leading to a culture of Safetyism and a stifling of free speech and ambition. The Longhouse distrusts overt ambition and male competition, viewing them as toxic and patriarchal: in essence, the opposite of everything Harrison Butker stands for.

The solution of course is to resist fear, resist the Longhouse. Act as if you weren’t afraid, just as Butker is doing. Don’t issue any apologies or bow to the woke mob. It is a great irony that the Longhouse – itself a term from Native American culture – is now laying siege to a group that calls itself the Chiefs. But then, that is what they want to destroy: the entire concept that Chiefs are necessary. Fortunately, Harrison Butker is not prepared to go down without a fight.   


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