Aurora Borealis: Northern lights turn England skies into stunning tones of crimson, magenta

A show of Northern lights in Europe 2023. — AFP The Northern Lights, which are visible from the east of England, lit up the sky in stunning tones of crimson and magenta, providing a breathtaking sight for those who like stargazing.

The BBC stated that the lights were seen throughout the UK and the surrounding area.

For millennia, humans have been enthralled by the stunning, swirling waves of light known as the northern lights, or aurora borealis.

But this is a really violent occurrence, despite its alluring beauty.

Space claims that energetic solar particles may reach up to 45 million mph (72 million kph) as they enter Earth’s upper atmosphere, but the planet’s magnetic field shields humans from the impact.

Put more simply, solar activity is a prerequisite for the northern lights to exist.

Northern lights and aurora borealis lighting up the skies of Europe 2023. — AFP According to Space, there is a greater likelihood of a spectacular lighting show the more activity there is on the “big ball of fire,” and more activity is anticipated in the coming years.

Original Weatherquest meteorologist and BBC forecaster Dan Holley had previously written on X, the original name for Twitter, instructing followers to “look to the north right now if you have clear skies.” Though not quite dark, Aurora is easily seen with the naked eye.”

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