AP Does More Heavy Lifting for the Biden Campaign (This Is Basically an In-Kind Donation)

There’s less than six months before the November elections and if this level of water carrying keeps up the Associated Press is going to throw out their backs. This is advice the AP has no intention of taking:

If you’re going to be a regime shrill at least be less obvious.

— Jenny Logan (@chisholmfinance) May 20, 2024 This AP take should count as another in-kind donation to the Biden campaign:

Many remember solid economy under Trump, but his record also full of tax cut hype, debt and disease https://t.co/3jKk4I8AIK

— The Associated Press (@AP) May 20, 2024 The Biden White House thanks the AP for their service.

The AP out here openly campaigning for Biden. Wild. https://t.co/QhKKKN7dSo

— The Dank Knight 🦇 (@capeandcowell) May 20, 2024 The AP is an arm of the Democrat Party.

— $8 Bartemy (@BartemyS) May 20, 2024 And they don’t even try to hide it. The AP takes the usual approach of trying to convince people things weren’t really what they seemed:

Trump may have an edge over President Joe Biden on key economic concerns, according to an April poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs. The survey found that Americans were more likely to say that as president, Trump helped the country with job creation and cost of living. Nearly 6 in 10 Americans said that Biden’s presidency hurt the country on the cost of living.

But the economic numbers expose a far more complicated reality during Trump’s time in the White House.


“But here’s why what you experienced didn’t really happen that way.” Sheesh.

So, AP just dgaf about news anymore? This tweet sounds like it came from one of Alito’s neighbors. https://t.co/sxc0kDzKYb

— JJS (@jamesseegs) May 20, 2024 AP doing their best to outshine North Korean propaganda.

— Alex Mascitti (@SEOwithAlex) May 20, 2024 The Associated Press would make Soviet-era Pravda blush. 

We remember how the bottom 50 percent soared financially

Now we remember it costs $11,000 more per year to live in this economy versus the previous pic.twitter.com/m547JanEBC

— Gimme3Steps (@TheSouthGAJohn) May 20, 2024 Headlines indistinguishable from a Democrat press release like this one are becoming the norm for the Associated Press because the AP gets funding from left-wing Dark Money organizations. https://t.co/Kapp7Py4tL https://t.co/iuUqAReaav pic.twitter.com/ifP5GzEF6m

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) May 20, 2024 The AP is paid to push shameless propaganda, which couldn’t be more obvious.

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