Aljunied residents say buskers’ singing keep them from sleeping in on weekends, Singapore News

The buskers will perform at a walkway outside a coffee shop in Aljunied every weekend morning.


Supplied to Shin Min Daily News

PUBLISHED ON November 21, 2023 2:50 AM By Lim Kewei

Some people enjoy sleeping in on the weekends but early morning singing by buskers have made it difficult for some Aljunied residents to rest.

The buskers have been performing almost every weekend for the past year outside a coffee shop near Block 95 Aljunied Crescent, reported Shin Min Daily News.

A vexed resident surnamed Fu told the Chinese evening daily that he and his children are often roused from their sleep because of the performances.

His family lives on the second floor of the block, and sounds from the ground floor can be heard clearly in their home.

He added that he has been disturbed by noises nearly every day since he moved in more than a year ago.

According to Fu, the buskers would start singing between 7am and 8am every weekend and proceed to perform for several hours.

“It’s alright if they just sing with their microphones, but they even bring speakers with them,” the resident lamented.

“This is a residential area and not the business district, they should go elsewhere to perform.”

Another resident surnamed Xu also expressed his dissatisfaction towards the buskers, believing that they are too noisy and they should not disturb residents staying in the area.

“They would sing for the whole morning, how can I sleep?” Xu bemoaned.

Other residents living on the second and three floors agreed that the performances are too noisy, while residents living on the upper floors said they are mostly unaffected.

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