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PUBLISHED ON November 06, 2023 6:25 AM By Venkat Gunasellan

When it comes to housing in Singapore, most people live in HDB flats, but beyond them lie various landed properties, such as Good Class Bungalows, and colonial and terrace houses.

These properties are not only expensive, but some of them are also a delight for architectural enthusiasts, like the Bridgeton-inspired home in Siglap and the two-story terrace in Chip Bee, which exudes old-world charm.

Recently, a slideshow video, posted by Exotic Properties on Oct 11, featuring a property in Tanglin began to capture attention on TikTok.

It is supposedly on the market for $2.7 million, but that’s not the most intriguing aspect.

What makes it truly unique is its strange pink-themed aesthetic, complete with peculiar pig statues. The exterior features a massive pig figure in a soft pastel pink colour.

This pig-inspired theme continues inside the house, with the master bedroom and bathroom adorned with pig sculptures.

The children’s bedroom is appropriately adorned with piglet decorations, while the bathroom showcases a pig statue covered in graffiti.

In the living room, a large pig’s head takes center stage, which for sure is a conversation starter for guests.

The kitchen and lounge areas also incorporate pig-themed elements, with a pink colour palette that complements the overall decor.

Considering the sheer scale of these unique pig-inspired features and sculptures throughout the house, it begs the question of whether this property is real or just a product of artificial intelligence (AI).  

Some netizens in the comments section were quick to point out the latter, with one user asking “anyone just realising that it’s AI?” 

Others were surprised by such unconventional decor, questioning its authenticity.

Some found the house rather unsettling.

A few others seemed astounded by the asking price, considering the substantial rise in property prices, particularly for landed properties, in recent years.

The video has since garnered more than 6 million views and 15,000 comments.

A look at the Exotic Properties TikTok page would show a diverse range of supposed homes from around the world with unique and otherworldly decor themes, such as Pokemon, Mario and Watermelon.

It also features a house in Tanglin with a cactus-themed interior, apparently priced at $10.2 million.

The company didn’t mention how these properties are valued or whether any of them are real, but its unique portfolio of designs has certainly captured people’s imagination.  

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