A Canadian Hockey League fight was filmed by a camera person on the ice and the result is so cool

Hockey fights have never looked as cinematic as this one captured in the Canadian Hockey League.

On Monday, during the round robin stage of the 2024 Memorial Cup between the London Knights and Moose Jaw Warriors, a fight broke out at the end of the second period. When Moose Jaw defenseman Kalem Parker and London forward Max McCue dropped the gloves, fans watching at home got a unique look at the fight, as a hand-held camera was skated around the two players as punches flew.

Yes, a TSN cameraman jumped out onto the ice to capture the fight at ice level, giving fans a rare look at the action from a front seat.

Last night, TSN captured a fight in the Canadian Hockey League by having a cameraperson skate out onto the ice:pic.twitter.com/ywCY3La6pK

— Front Office Sports (@FOS) May 28, 2024

Pretty cool! The camera angle definitely makes this feel super cinematic compared to the usual high angle most fights are captured at.

And hilariously, behind the scenes footage revealed that the TSN cameraman was wearing all white to try to blend in with the ice!

Better yet, the TSN cameraperson filming this CHL fight (and his camera) are decked out in all white to blend in with the ice.

(via @TSN_Sports) pic.twitter.com/tlR7QR6WP3

— Front Office Sports (@FOS) May 28, 2024

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