13 Brides Who Kicked Tradition to the Curb and Rocked Colorful Wedding Dresses

Choosing a wedding dress is no walk in the park because every bride wants to turn heads and be one of a kind on her special day. This is why some brides think outside the box and opt for non-traditional outfits that truly set them apart from the crowd.

1. “I will admit I was slightly anti wedding before this experience.”

2. “Here’s how my red dress turned out!”

3. “My totally nontraditional, totally awesome dress!”

4. “Never had the slightest intention of anything other than a white dress, except after I tried this on.”

5. “I’ve never been a ‘white dress’ person so I got married in a pink needle&thread dress.”

6. “Just had to share my dress. Wish I could wear it every day.”

7. “I made my wedding dress.”

8. “My nontraditional gown for our art museum wedding.”

9. “Although a very rainy day, the most perfect day was 20 June.”

10. “I got my dress altered and I love it.”

11. “34 weeks pregnant and 48 hours away from getting married! Here’s my dress.”

12. “This is my dress.”

13. “I wore my dream dress and no one commented on it not being white.”

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